Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Go Fish

I think I have mentioned before how much the girls just love to play in the bath? They do. I can convince Abigail to clean up the living room of all her toys and play nicely with her sister as long as the promise of "splash-splash" time hangs in the air. Likewise as soon as Isabel realizes she's being carried into the bathroom she becomes a huge 10 month old ball 'o wiggles. If she was taller she would climb into the tub, on her own, with clothes on. (And trust me, she's tried a few times, the fact that the edge of the tub is up to her collar bone was apparently not a deterrent.)

Right now? My least favorite time of the day is bath time. Why you ask? Because it involves playing a little game I have been secretly calling Russian poo-lette for the past month or so. Can you see where I'm going here? No? Let me paint the picture:

Two sweet girls are in the tub, with bubbles because their Mommy is super nice, and toys. Lots and lots of toys. Cup toys, and squirty toys and foam letter toys. It's a toy palooza. Then, all of a sudden, I notice one that is not like the others. A lump of something brown. And long. And possibly squishy. Yup, that's poo. In the tub. With the kids. And the eighty billion toys.

And then before I can even swoop into action and pull the kids out and start the cleaning process my eldest spots the offending log. "Mommy! Mommy there is poo in the tub! Right there Mom! Sissy pooped!" She abandons ship just as fast as she can and stands shivering on the rug giving me a 'well what now?' look. Isabel on the other hand seems quite pleased with herself and has absolutely no qualms what so ever about playing in poop water.

And this right here is why I hate bath time: someone has to fish that poo out of the water. And then Lysol the tub. And then rewash the previously clean kids. Not to mention the pile of bath toys that now have to be cleaned and then put back into the toy bucket.

So every night as I take the girls up to the bathroom I wonder: will it happen tonight? Will I be fishing poo out of my bathtub this evening? Have I even changed a dirty diaper from Isabel today?

It's totally a game of Russian poo-lette, and lately? I've been doing a lot of fishing.


  1. I can see where that would take all the fun out for Mom, and maybe Abby, too. You might try putting a small size of rubber pants over training pants or a makeshift cloth diaper. That would at least keep the poo contained and the water cleaner. 'Course if Izzy was constipated and fussy you'd be cheering for that poo.

  2. I've thought about using a swim diaper, we have bundles lying around the house... But i can never decide if poo in the bath is better or worse than wet soggy diaper poo that has to be changed anyway? I think it's a catch-22. And the constipated thing? You would think that was the issue, but no, she's a little machine. I sometimes think she likes all the commotion, that or I just have exceptionally poor timing for baths!!

  3. Hee hee!

    I said it before . . . separate baths, Mom!

    Separate baths and no toys for the pooing girl.

    Not even.

    Russian Poo-lette.


    So funny!

  4. I LOVE this!

    Sorry, how very rude of me, I'm Rae over at PebbleDash (The name has no poo-like reason behind it at all, although I can see why you may think that..)

    Feel free to stop by and have a read, although I am beginning to realise a child-free blog is no where near as funny.. :-)