Thursday, October 28, 2010

Death Candy

I have never been a fan of Halloween.  Never.  When I was a kid, sure, the thrill of dressing up and asking for candy was delightful.  Full of charm and freedom and excitement.  Then as a teenager and young adult the downward spiral began.  The other girls I knew took advantage of this one unique day to tart it up - wearing what amounted to lingerie and some cat ears and calling it a costume.  I was, and still am, to modest, to puritan, to Christian, to dare wear anything like that.  So it came to represent a club I wasn't - and could never be - a part of: Halloween-Sluts-For-A-Day-But-I'm-Not-Really-Or-Am-I?

Now as a mother I take a whole new offence to the day.  Being the parent of a peanut allergic child has raised my awareness.  I read labels on boxes, scrutinize menus, hawk-eye all suspicious foods served at friend's and family's homes.  I am overly cautious and very leery.  I?  Am on the front line in the war against peanuts.  I will be that Mom come school time petitioning for PB&J's to be "outlawed" from school lunches - and yes I mean the ones you pack at home, too.  So you can imagine the anxiety I have at letting my 3 year old go trick-or-treating.  Allowing her to possibly receive a peanut crusted candy into her little jack-o-lantern tub.  I hate this.  Because I can't fathom why anyone would buy candy that has peanuts in it to give to children they don't know.  I know that because of Abigail I am painfully aware of food allergies and their seriousness.  I also know that other people are not required to worry or even care about my daughter's misguided immune system.  I am meant to look out for her, to be the watch dog to her candy seeking ways. 

But still: why risk it?  The last 2 years we've stayed home rather than risk a peanut candy slipping into her hands unnoticed.  So, candy givers this year:  Just say no to Snickers, Reeses and the like.  Kid's love Jolly Ranchers and jaw breakers and mini Twizzlers.  You don't need to pass out (potential) death candy. 

Seriously.  You don't.  Please, go buy something fruity and save this mom from an early heart attack.


  1. That would be nice... No milk chocolate either!!! By the time we pull all the chocolates and caramels and Tootsie rolls out of logans stash, he doesn't have much to show for all his hard work :P

  2. oh and I agree with the dumb costume thing too... I have a hard time trying to find something decent and fun to wear out trick or treating with the kids!