Monday, May 24, 2010

They Only Need You When You Sit Down

As parents - and mom's especially - we pride ourselves on the development of that phenom "the eyes in the back of the head." Children it seems have also been wried with a sixth sense of their own: the uncanny ability to tell - down to the nano-second - when a mom has gotten comfortable somewhere. It never fails. They will wake spontaneously from naps with a howl, magically lose ALL their toys and need them retrieved from behind couches or another child's mouth, or they will be overcome with a sudden desire to be read to. Either way whatever they want it is bound to interrupt the "rest" and busy mom has found.

Now on the other hand the busier you are as a mom the more likely it is the child will be content to build miles of train tracks or color peaceably in coloring books (for once not attacking your library). Piles of laundry and dirty bathrooms yield compliant kids - 5 minutes on the couch? Complete anarchy.

Go figure. On the upside I tend to have lots of clean laundry and toilets on hand. I guess that counts for something.

(Encase you are wondering how I managed to write this (since blogging is apparently restful as far as my girls are concerned): I have broken up no less than 3 attempts to feed Isabel something small and plastic, hugged Abby after she fell off a child sized chair (while attempting feeding 2 with her sis), and rescued my sunglasses, phone and sundry kitchen items from the hands of my toddler - who was attempting to offer them to the baby for chewing purposes. And mind you, this has all taken a scant 10 minutes to pen. Now imagine if I'd wanted to watch a full 30 minute show!?)


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