Monday, May 17, 2010

Lions, Dragons and Bunnies... Oh my!

We have embarked on a new adventure with Abigail: her imagination. Just yesterday I went to get into the shower while Abby was in the room with me - privacy is myth as far as I'm concerned, rather like Yeti: I'd have to see it to believe it. Anyway, Abby pulled back the shower curtain and announced: "Mommy! There's a lion in there!" "Really?" I replied as I peered over her shoulder expecting a lion-shaped bath toy to be hanging out by the drain, but no. The tub was empty. This lion was invisible. "What's a lion doing in there, Abby?" "I dunno" she said and wandered off to pop some imaginary 'popcorns' under the bathroom sink. Then today the lion was back and still Abby had no idea as to why a lion would be hanging out with me in the shower. She also announced there was a pink bunny in the corner of the bathroom too. Apparently we have a zoo forming. Then at dinner a dragon was hiding under glasses of juice and innocent looking tableware. Amazing!

Considering the potentially scary nature of some of these new house guests Abigail seems unperturbed. She's just announces when they arrive and then seems rather surprised when she looks again (such as after my shower) and finds them to be gone.

It's fascinating to watch her imagination grow day by day, she is becoming more and more creative all the time. I'm sure she'll be having her imaginary friends over to tea any day now - and maybe then she can ask her lion to kindly schedule his bath time after mine.

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