Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kindergarten Will Have to Wait, or Administrators are Idiots

Abigail just finished her first semester of part time pre-preschool/day care, with as many flying colors as such an organization can give.  She is bright.  She is emotionally prepared.  She is - at last! - potty trained.  She is going to "real" preschool next year, by golly. 

All this in preparation so that she can attend kindergarten in 2012 - or she would, except she won't be 5 by Sept 1.  What the hell?  I understand that having a cut off date is vital in keeping schooling ages similar and appropriate for the information taught.  But what, exactly, is the thought process in having such an early cut off?  She'll be 5 about 40 odd days after school starts - how is that NOT old enough? What type of maturation do administrators think is lacking?

I cannot believe that I will have to keep my intelligent, prepared, energetic child home another year because she isn't mature enough at 4 years 11 months for kindergarten?  Seriously

Apparently I'm spoiled by California (a state I am suddenly pleased to claim) which has the more logical date of 31 Dec.  Which makes sense: if your child isn't 5 by the end of the year that school starts, they should most likely wait another year.  But somehow keeping a whole group of nearly-5-year-olds from education is just.... stupid.

Not sure what I'll do now.  Home school?  Sneak her into 1st grade later?  I just can't imagine not having her in school that year, she's to bright, to ready, and in need of so much more structured teaching than I feel I am capable of providing.  I suppose we will just have to wait and see what is available when the time comes.  But until then, I'll just be over here silently smouldering at the injustice of it all.

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  1. That is really odd...who knew California could be smart about anything? Good luck with your decision!