Sunday, August 29, 2010

That's my daughter

Abigail spends all day, every day with me. More or less. Which means I shouldn't be surprised when she starts to sound like me. But there you are: I was. She parrots back words that I had no idea were regulars in my vocabulary line up. My favorite? "Ridiculous". As in "Mom, that's ridiculous! (I have no intention to clean up/get my cup/take a nap)"

Also the other day she was sitting in the car going through some junk mail when her voice pipes up: "Oh. My. Goodness. *big sigh* Oh my goodness!" I peered over my shoulder to see what was causing this out burst - she was shaking open a sheet of paper and peering at it incredulously. "12 dollars!?" She shook her head and said a little softer: "12 dollars. Oh my gosh." I have no who or what was attempting to raid her piggy bank so viciously, but she was clearly appalled.

Then, later, on another drive: An incautious driver made a left hand turn in front of me and I sputtered out something to the effect of: "Hello?!" To which Abby contributed, loudly, from the back seat: "Hey! Lady! There was a stop sign there!" (There wasn't, but, you know, the sentiment was right.)

So here is my daughter greeting the world with skeptisim at the tender age of 3. Already slightly jaded that someone would want her 12 dollars (though where she had acquired such a fortune I'd like to know) and her skills as a back seat driver have already formed admirably. I see many years of "helpful" comments coming from the rear of the car.

Which I hope to find half as funny as I do today.


  1. Her Daddy and Papa are both quite impatient with their fellow drivers whom they share the road with. Hopefully she won't start parroting their colorful language. It's wonderful to see the world through a child's eye again.

  2. Oh it is indeed! So far I've been surprised that none of the "colorful" language that us adults occasionally let slip has entered her vocab. We're watching our words and maybe it will stay this way! :)

  3. Ah the "colorful" language. Madi has some how managed to master that! We've tried to be so careful but no luck! At least she uses it right... The other day Jon was hosing down the grass near the BBQ to prevent a fire and Madi looked out the slinder and said "Oh, SH*T! Is there a fire?" I nearly died laughing! We are really watching our language around her now!