Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ode to things I rarely use

O towel, my towel, you hang so neatly on the bar,
Your soft fabric so lovingly washed, so neatly folded,
You must think I don't like you - But really, I do!
Do not fear, O towel, my towel!
One day, perhaps soon, both the girls will be napping
and I will find a moment - so brief!
Then I shall need you again, so wait for me,
O towel, my towel.

Dear shower, my shower, you call to me each day,
The dry floor of your tub, so mocking, so lonely
I miss you dearly and long for your spray of hot water,
Dear shower, my shower, If I bathe before bed (when else is there time?)
I will have wasted clean hair on my pillow
Someday I will find time to use you each day -
Dear shower, my shower!

O clothes, my clothes, how I admire you hung in the closet,
I live in pajamas, loose t-shirts and socks,
To feel the stiff fabric of denim - to wear something real,
O clothes, my clothes, how I long for a reason
To cast aside last nights outfit - but what is the use?
Clean clothes but no shower is a fool's errand
O clothes, my clothes!


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