Monday, April 19, 2010

Pairs Well With

My lovely 2 year old daughter and I have a great system worked out: anytime I wish to vaccum (which with a dog and cat is about every other day) she plays in her room and I clean downstairs. This has worked out marvelously, I get the cleaning done and she gets 15 minutes to play upstairs in the bedrooms. Most days I find her playing dress up in my closet or putting her stuffed animals to sleep in her bed.

However, that was not the case today. I went up to get her after the vaccum had turned off and she hadn't appeared at the top of the stairs to annouce "Mommy's done!" as usual. This was not a good sign. (As any Mom can atest silence never bodes well.) I followed a strange menthol sent to her room and found her half naked, a small pot of Vicks Vapo-rub empty at her feet. I leapt into action wisking my gleeful toddler to the bathroom for a wash off when I realize it's not just smeared on her chest - oh no, she has it down her legs, on her arms and worst of all on her face.

Have you ever tried to quiz a toddler about weither or not she's eaten something? She will invariaible tell you all kinds of intersting and useful things - but not the information you're after and even if she did tell you, you wouldn't believe her anyway because she's 2 will say or agree with the most rediculous things you've ever heard. (Seriously, try it, ask a toddler if they've seen a pink elephant recently - bet you they'll say 'yes.') I had no other choice: I calmly stuck my nose in her mouth trying to figure out if the menthol smell was from her breath or from her thickly covered cheeks. There was no way to tell for sure. Immediately I ran for the medicine to read what to do incase of ingestion. I scanned the bottle as quickly as I could (meaning I had to read it about 3 times before any of the tiny print made any sense) I came to what I was after: Call Poision Control. I could only shake my head and smirk - what did I think it was going to say: Pairs well with wheat crackers and fresh pressed apple cider?

Once I called Posion Control I got a very nice lady on the line (thank you to the peditrician for sending me home with posion control stickers for the phone!) who tells me the irritant in Vick's Vapo-rub is camphor, and wouldn't you know? She suggests I give Abby some crackers and juice to settle any possible stomach upset. Naturally. Now where did I leave those fancy crackers?


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